How to install windows using usb?

hi guys,

i have windows xp & win7 setup saved in my pc... i have read on internet that install windows from usb drive.. but cant find how to do it... so pls let me know how can i install windows from usb ? how can i write setup on usb and how the installation process will works ? will it be the same as installing from a CD ? or it will be different way to install OS...

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I've posted that query before you and here users search google and linked me to a internet tutorial (soon you'll get a long link too)

Windows USB live tool...but it will be difficult to find on net since micrsoft discontinued it...


Download Windows7 USB tool from here

and copy files to USB using it

will this win7 tool can be used for xp too ?

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will this win7 tool can be used for xp too ?


okay..1 last thing.. after making usb a bootable windows setup drive.. after installing.. can i again use that usb drive after formating it to save my data again ?

^ Yes you can...

You can check this link for detailed and tested method [post 11]

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But you also need a system that can boot from usb and set the option in BIOS

I am using Win2flash to make pendrive installable. Win 2 Flash is free software and it support every windows edition and also other operating system like linux. I am try it on my netbook and install windows 7 succesfully. But it takes more time than DVD-Rom installation.

It looks like the problem is with you USB, if the USB is old enough then the installation will take time.