How to hard reset Sony tablet S

I am getting too many pattern attempts error on my Sony tablet S model SGPT122A1/S

Therefore I want to hard reset this device. I have tried following method but it doesn't work. Any idea how to factory reset it?

1. Turn off tablet

2. Turn on tablet by pressing Power and Volume up button at the same time.

3. When you see Sony logo, release Power button but keep pressing Volume up button

4. After some time you will see menu where you will find option to do reset

When I do above procedure the tablet just boots up normally and no menu is shown where I can do hard reset.

Never mind I got it.

Most of the instructions available on websites are wrong. You do not have to hold Power button and then release it when you see Sony logo. Do the following:

1. Turn off tablet

2. Press Volume up button and keep pressing

3. Now just press Power on button once. Do it only not keep pressing

4. After some time you will see recovery menu where you can hard reset device

Its same as in apple iphone n ipad.

Where there is William, there is a way :)