How to Get Static IP Address in Wateen WiMAX

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I am using Wateen WiMAX, Can any one help me I want register a MX record and A record for my domain name. For This purpose I need static IP address. What is the procedure for that?

Is wateen providing static ip already ?

Do I have to purchase any special package with static IP?



^who told you that you need a static IP for that pupose.

MX Records map a domain name to a list of mail exchange servers (e.g MS Exchange Server) for that domain.

A Records map hostname to an IP address of the host

you might only need static IP address if above kind of services are to be hosted on your computer. otherwise the MX records, A records and any other type of records for that domain need their related hosting provider's IP addresses not yours.

for simple, if you are just owning a domain name and also registered with some other host provider. then you dont need Static IP on your personal computer.

above was some information what I thought you must know about.


any ways. for Static IP, just go to your franchise, ask them that you need a Static IP. you have to fill up an extra form with some bit of fields. sign liabilities. and pay some amount when they launched the fee was Rs.1000/year/IP. your static IP details will be given to you in 2 or 3 days.

Thank you.for reply.

Actually I forgot to mention that i was hosting Exchange Server 2007 on my computer. I registered domain and ISP asked me to IP Address to Add MX and A Records.

Now Wateen Policy is that they are asking for Rs.2000/ip untill you use your wateen connection.



If u still want to make your ip static then u need to edit ur Router's settings,,,,

But i think your IP will be Static.

There are two types of IPs 1 is internal

which is i think for ur router

and the other 1 is external

which u can see on

I know this bcoz once i was banned on Game Spy Arcade

i tried everything but couldnt get rid of that ban.

finally i cracked the GSA and got unban.

your IP with wateen router will always remain same.


that is purely some thing else. this is only static from your PC to your Router and vice-versa.

WAN Static IP is some thing else, what shahpak was asking about.

two of the applications of using Static IP are Web-servers or any machine hosting any kind of live services mostly behind a registered domain name

you should be cleared of the concept, you can find

Basic Difference b/w Static and Dynamic IP addresses

for detailed Information,,sid8_gci520967,00.html

there are many descriptions you can search google with "Difference between Static and Dynamic IP Address"

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Can any one please tell me "What is the password for motorola CPE i 35300". It does not prompts for username. It just asks for password. The default password from the manufacturer has been changed. Some one told me that it is "WateenSDS" or something like that.


Your connection doesn't anything to do with that. It is Domain Service. Change your DNS settings in management console like cPanel (I don't know which console you have).