How to get rid of Zong Breaking news alert?

O God..... i accidentally subscribed to Zong Breaking news service by making a "blunder" of sending an sms to 707. I thought it would be a one-day-one-news like service or so, but i never had realized that Pakistan is a place where everything keeps breaking,including news, so frequently that your "breathe count per day" is also defeated by it. :P

I tried to send "unsub" or "unsubscribe" to the same number but they renewed my subscription,instead of removing it. lolxxxxxx. Anyone having the same problem? or anyone knows the solution?? by the way, I have already "googled" and "Zonged" it but in vain. I have the same problem with the "Horoscope service"......... Ufffff, my morning starts with a Horoscope msg, of which i don't understand a single word.


Oppressed Zong Customer

u can unsubscribe through zong ecare online service

simply change your sim this would be the only solution works 100%

Unfortunately i m havin the same problem , cant change my sim , nd zong network is also very slow in my area , even no one attend my call from help-center , still i cant change my sim . plz tell me if anyone know how to stop this shitty subscription

report your sim as stolen & tell them for new sim card

Call the customer service center after 11pm.

To unsubscribe from 707 BREAKING NEWS ALERTS!

Type U BN and send to 777 :ph34r: