How to get busy tone instead of message from exchange?

When a call is made and the number is busy exchange plays a recorded message. This is pain when using telephony software or fax software because it unnecessarily increases automatic redial time.

Don't know about the redial time what you talking about but have you ever noticed one more pain, on almost every PTCL landline ithey have activated message recording feature. After 6 bells automatically the machine plays a message to record your message.

And the caller has to pay for the call in any case.

Some people take it lightly but when someone is calling from UAE, he will surely get angry when he's charged for the call by this messaging machine.

Some people have called the 1236 and deactivated this automatic messaging service but some illiterate or those who don't know are suffering.


I tried to forward it to PTA many times but every time the form shows some error.

Please try at your ends.

May be PTA could stop this nonsense imposed service.

Huh. What to say now. Instead of solving my problem you tell me I have another probem forcibly imposed by PTL. :-|

BTW I have no VAS activated other than CLI which sould be free but I pay Rs.30/pm goonda tax for that.

^ CLI is free? I have been getting a 30 Rupee charge for that for years now!

Its not free. What I said was it should be free whereas its not. I think its free on all other telco networks except PTCL.