How to get a complete image of Hard drive

Dear Friends;

Can anybody guide me how to get a complete image of a hard drive, a floppy disk or a CD? Some time we can not copy a critical data and we have to get an image.

You can use Norton Ghost.


IIRC, Acronis and Norton have imaging/cloning options.

ShadowCopy is a free & great solution for that.

O&O disk image

Have a look at Paragon Backup & Recovery. I used Norton Ghost for the last many years, but have now switched to this excellent imaging solution by Paragon. Unlike Norton Ghost, Paragon has a free version which is excellent for most needs. It has advanced features like Complete Backup, Differential Backup and Backup Scheduler. Here is the link:

On a related note, you may also need a good Partition Manager while handling new Windows / Linux Installations and formatting of hard disks. Easus Partition Manager is my first choice in this category. Again, it is free for home users and has very advanced capabilities. Here is the link:

Hope this helps!