How to generate report in Excel?

How i can generate report in excel when data get form worksheet eg: result of students on one sheet when every print detail on student.

Please make your question clear. What exactly you want to do?

I don't think its possible in Excel. You might need SQL and Crystal Reports.

I am not clear from your question, however ur problem may be solved through pivot table report.


Obscure question, please try to rephrase it.

I want to know a formula for Excel...

The Case is as Follows:

In a company 1 day's salary is deducted for three Lates in any calendar month, I have done all other calculations and now a column shows number of days person is late in any calendar month..

Now i want a formula to calculate deductions from basic salary based on number of days person is late...

1-2 days late = NO deduction

3-5 days late = 1days salary deduction

6-8 days late =2 days and so on ( ie 1 day for every 3days late)...

Per day salary and all other thinks are already calculated..

I was trying Nest IF formula but i do not know where am I Wrong,


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=IF(B2<3,0,IF(B2<6,1,IF(B2<9,2,NESTED IFsā€¦)))

B2 : is the number of days an employee is late

Thank You Mr.KA..

The formula that you told me is working Good..