How to fix problems of sound card

i want to ask that will my sound card sigmatel hd audio CODEC support these high games like skyrim,portal 2 etc and in directx dignose tool i am having this problem "your sound card doesnot support hardware buffering.sound will only play back from software buffers.TELL ME PLZZ HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

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buying new sound card

any alternate solution

yeah, there is. Upgrade your sound card or be patient on what you have.

Well, SigmaTel Audio Codec is not so good as I have very bad hardware failure experience with it. My sound card stopped working within a months of usage and it was SigmaTel. Even RealTek Audio codec is better than SigmaTel.

you can,

1. reinstall the direct x version that you have, sometimes all the direct x registrations are not "right" when you install your software.

2. buy a second hand creative lab sci fi/soundblaster audigy 2 sound card, it will cost you 300 - 400 rs in the market,

It seems you have been using an obsolete sound card. You may not be able to fix the problem by installing new drivers/codecs. It is recommended that you must purchase external PCI sound card or use one of the USB headphones, they have built-in sound-card and sound quality is good.

Hope this helps.