How to filter unwanted calls and sms?

Blocking unwanted incoming calls on windows mobile phone

It happens very often that we get unwanted calls in our life but you can do nothing about it. It maybe someone you are familiar with or someone you never know, it maybe a relentless salesman, or an annoying ex, or a harassment call from freaks. It is disturbing, it is torturing, you are totally pissed off. it is helpless, right? Well, if you are a Winodws Mobile user, there is one way out.

Pocket Call Blocker is a very easy-to-use application especially designd for Window Mobile Phones. you can use it to block unwanted incoming calls. You simply add blocking calls to the list. You can block calls by specific numbers, wildcard numbers, anonymous numbers, category numbers etc. Moreover, Pocket Call Blocker can also block text messages from a number of a group of numbers.

Pocket Call Blocker can be downloaded for free here.

Below is a step by step tutorial on blocking a phone call on your Window mobile.

Step 1: Turn on the Call Blocking Service

In the main window of Pocket Call Blocker, click the "OFF" button to switch the call blocking status to "ON".

Step 2: Add a new call blocking rules

Go to the "Rules" tab -> "Menu" -> "Add" -> "Call Rule" to create a incoming call blocking rule.

Step 3: Assign numbers to the filter

After input a rule name, you are negative to the "filter" tab, and then go to the "number" menu -> "Add" to assign some numbers to the filter. The software offers 4 types of numbers adding:

Phone Contacts: To add phone numbers from Phone Contacts;

Sim Card Contacts: To add phone numbers from Sim Card Contacts;

Call History: To add phone numbers from All Call History;

Number: Manually type the exact numbers to the filter;

Step 4: Choose what to do when a rule is filtered

After you add numbers to the filter successfully, negative to the "Action" tab, there are 3 kinds of action:

In the advanced tab, you could block ALL Incoming Calls, Unknown Numbers - Filter numbers that are not alike to any numbers from Outlook Contacts or SIM Contacts, and Anonymous - Filters calls without caller numbers without sender numbers. You could also use the wildcard characters '*' to block some kinds of numbers in the blank of Advanced tab.

For example, to block any phone number containing 9, enter *9*;

To block any phone number begin as 9, enter 9*;

To block any phone number end as 9, enter *9;

Warning: You could not add an exact number in the blank of advanced tab, to block exact number, please refer to the step 3.

Download Pocket Call Blocker, or go to Pocket Call Blocker homepage to know more.

call 9211 it is call a blocking service by warid.

thanks for sharing pOcket Call blocker.

I think no one will be using windows mobile these days...

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But kindly change the title of the thread to something like "[info] Block un-wanted calls on Windows Mobile" etc.

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nice tutorial

nice tutorial but there are many free applications who have the same function or features so why I pay 19 $ for this??? ;)

Naturally I block my dispatcher in the GSM network for SMS part, when I have access to their own GSM Service when I hire them, I have the opportunity to block them so no can send text messages to GSM operator will then send an error message to the person trying to send , with delivery status failed. This allows them to think that number has expired or that you have had your phone turned off for a long time.