How to deposit money in Money booker

I want to know how to deposit Money in Moneybooker (Skrill) through Pakistan? Can we deposit money in skrill through Allied bank? If yes than how? If no then what are other mediums?

You can deposit through any bank in pak when you click add funds in skrill account there you can get skrill bank details

- Sign up to moneybookers.

- Update your profile with your correct Name & Address.

- Verify your name and address according to moneybookers requirement (usually they ask for a bill, and send a letter with a verification code to your given address)

- Add your bank account details. You require your bank branch IBAN number and your account number (make sure your bank account title is exactly the same as your name in moneybookers account.

- Add your debit/credit card details to your moneybookers account. (make sure its 'visa' card)

- Upload fund with your debit card to your moneybookers account.

If i missed something, somebody pls correct.

I also uploaded funds using Visa and verified address by mail.

I am Deposit via my bank account