How to deploy wifi broadband in your area?

I live in a pretty big village and there are a lot of internet users here, I was wondering if I can deploy wifi braodband here as a business model? What I guess, I'll need highspeed broadband internet at the back with a few wifi routers with long range? How can I do it? Moreover, I want to know that do I need a license for this?

Thank you

Read this FAQ thoroughly

How big of an area do you want to cover? 1 Street, 2 streets? 1 kilometer area? You costs will be upward of 15 lakhs for covering a 1km area with most of your equipment on people's roofs while you pray they don't get stolen

Hmmmm, pretty expensive solution, and what about cable network, can you guide please?

If you want to cover long range then it will definitely cost you a lot (routers, cable, ISP... etc)

You can try getting high speed internet for yourself as a "home user" and share it with your neighbors. This way at least in your neighborhood they'll have internet and you'll be making some money from it.

I am also sharing my Wimax connection with our landlord, not to make money but just to reduce the expense :)