How to delaminate a document page?

hy...i didn't want to discuss this very petty issue here but it has become of vital importance for me. I am applying for study in Sweden and they asked me to attest my degrees from Higher Education Commission. I have reserved my day for attestation on Tuesday Oct. 11. But when i looked my degree and transcripts,they are laminated. I tried visiting near by photocopy and lamination shops to get it de-laminated but no one couldn't because it is a "hard lamination" and may cause damage of the page. So now i am much worried about how to de-laminate it for attestation. Kindly help me in this regard if you have any information or experience of it. Thank you in anticipation..



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It is the worst stupidity which people do with their educational record. There is only one solution left, get duplicate certificates.

Hope this helps

Blogger brother, its kinda hard solution... :-( @ mazahyr- im gonna read it nw. I hope it would help

Very helpful Mazahyr. Thanks a lot. Now i realise how bad idea it is to laminate certificates. :-) i hope i'll find someone in Urdu Bazar Rwalpindi..... I wish i were in Lahore and could get it de-laminated from 'near Mayo Hospital.

Mazahyr, was your certificate alright after de-lamination? I mean, everything written on it was clearly readable or got blur?

Adnan Sohaib, here is the chance for you.

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Mazahyr, was your certificate alright after de-lamination? I mean, everything written on it was clearly readable or got blur?

Adnan Sohaib, here is the chance for you.


Absolutely all okay without even a wrinkle…i was glad to have it in the right form i wanted it to be in. And just a side note. I’ve noticed that the matriculation certificate or others are a bit on down side by paper quality. My certificate was of University of Cambridge and the paper quality is outstanding. Maybe thats why the heat or steam didn’t destroy it. Just a thought…But normally a pro de-laminating person won’t leave a mark on ur document.

I also did the same stupidity with my university character certificate, and matric/intermediate mark sheets but thanks God not to the SSC/HSSC certificates. Doing lamination on mark sheets is fine because you do not have to present it in future. But certificates worth the most and have to be presented everywhere where you go.

But some international institutions also ask you to submit copy of marksheet/transcript and..... Im also a stupid to laminate my transcript but thank God,my degree is free of this 'plastic jail' :-)

Dear Mazahyr, Thank you for sharing this imp experience. Well, this situation happened to me with one imp doc. I dont remember how i got it but I managed to put that document in sunlight for almost an hour. It was june. Then very easily separated the coating from my doc. So I guess, the theory was same, but I would prefer the professional way. Just shared my experience as a second option.


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That definitely is a one nice idea,although one would have to wait till sun gets hottest in summer. And for me,i have to apply to Sweden in this December and im still stuck with my laminated transcript. :-( someone told me that in Sadar Rawalpindi,i wil surely find some pro. Im going there tomorow and if i found someone i wil share my experience with you.

Hello Guys,

I have faced the same situation due to my stupidity. My four documents were laminated and now as I need them attested, I must have to delaminate or unlaminate my documents and certificates. I am from Lahore and found it difficult to get some professional help,

Anyways, as Mazahyr guided, I was going to Myo Hospital but before that I went in front of Lahore Board Building and asked the same questions to all photocopies shops and finally I got that man.

For you all, address is here:

Zahid Mahmood


Zahid Customer Service & Photocopy

34-Mozang Road Lahore


If you from out of city, call him before you deal.

Please deal at your own sole risk. He worked wounderfull for me. He gives me guarantee before I hand overed my documents.

He never shows how he doing, he went inside a cabin and after that I heard many sounds of paper, water, plastic, cutter. Don;t know what he did but when he came out my documents were delaminated. He said that he use chemicals, I dont know what science it is.

So if you need the Delamination / Lamination Remover / Unlamination / Plastic Removing for your important or educational certificates in Lahore, contact that guy.

Finally you will ask about charges,

He demanded Rs.250 per document but as I had four document, I bargained with him and finally he charged me Rs.500 for all four documents for delaminating from both side. If you need to get it removed from one side, he will charge you less for sure.

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Wow, awesome information Arazas!!! Thanks a lot lot for this. Although i have,somehow, removed lamination myself but pro help is always best.

Hi, i used a steam iron and it worked!! what you hav to do is to put the iron box to full power then bring it near the paper but not actualy touching. it then warms it and you start peeling off the lamination while its hot.

Salam brothers,

I am too facing the problem of de-lamination, although through the risky process of using an iron I managed to remove the hard lamination ( with slight wrinkles) from the back side of my SSC certificate. I am planning to get it attested from IBCC Karachi. My question is that is it enough to get the back side of the certificate free from lamination for the IBCC attestation?

I guess they attest it from the back side of the original ( like HEC does), so I am good right?

Your replies will be appreciated.

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i had the same issue and found a better option. There is iqbal photocopy center in shaan arcade in barkat market lahore. The guy is really cheap. Took 200 for legal size page and 100 for a4. Result was all good.

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Is there any delimitation service in Karachi ???
I am in urgent need to deliminiate my degree

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did you found anybody for this job in karachi???

anybody for this job in karachi???

It’s not any difficult job. Neither it requires ultra sophisticated equipment or chemicals.
. Just go to any photo state shop and they can do it. They use heat gun to soften the plastic and carefully pry it.
Results can be 80-90%…