My name is Abdul Basit and have been using DSL on my poor copper line for about a year now. The common problem i have faced is having noise in line or low pair but exchange not interested in solving. Here is how i go about it.

1, File a complaint with 1218

2, Wait for 2 days if no action taken file a complaint with PTA. (

3, When your exchange contacts you and lineman calls you be sure to take his cell number and behave in a respectful manner.

4, If you have line issues again within a week or so directly email PTA and complaint them about re-occurrence of Same line problem.

5, Now your exchange will be much more eager so solve your issue so now no need to worry. When lineman calls be friendly with him.

6, Now whenever a problem occurs directly call lineman on his cell phone. Now i get my problems solved within half an hour of calling as he knows if he doesnt solve my problem. I am going to give exchange a tough time COURTESY OF PTA.

in this manner lineman will be solving your problems on highest coz he will know if he does nt his exchange is going to kill him if u email the matter to PTA. nowadays PTCL is concerned about its quality of Service as PTA has fined PTCL for poor QoS.

hope this helps