How to create a bootable WinXP disk?

Okay, here's the scenario: I've WinXP setup on my PC. I want to copy it to a CD/DVD so I can install a fresh copy of Windows on another PC. My question is how can I make this CD/DVD bootable?

You can add whatever programs you want (including USB recognition of drives) to BartPE You just have to start with XP SP2 or 3.

What things you'll need

ISO image or xp setup in folder

Nlite (custom bootable xp cd maker)

CD/DVD burner

Install nLite open your image file in it & put your info in 6 easy steps like keys time name etc & add/remove windows components integrate server packs/drivers at the end of step finish it with burning process now your cd is ready for installation and leave your pc for approx 30mintues (installion will continue it self):)

Thanks Armada, though I did it by a slightly different method. The CD is ready now. :D

Try this, it worked for me.