How to Convert PTCL modem to a switch? Experts?

Since i have disconnected from PTCL 2 months ago my modem is in junk right now.i want this modem to be used as a switch(hub) or a Wifi Router without a PTCL connection i mean without phone wire on its back. ? is this possible ?

Should be possible, try powering on your modem and connect it to the PCs you have.

I did.. but no internet connectivity :(

You are kidding right?

You said you wanna use the modem without the internet... right? so how do you expect internet to work when actually don't have access to internet and using your modem as just a switch?

Did you enable data sharing on all the PCs before using the modem as switch? does all the PCs have same OS e.g. win7 OR winXp?

I meant i want to use the modem as a switch. Yes which has a internet connectiion from LAN cable not from phone line.

So did you enabled data sharing in your PCs or not?

If your PTCL provided DSL modem supports router function then it's possible, otherwise not.