How to connect wrt54g wireless router to ZHONE DSL modem on NTC line

Hello everyone,

I am unsuccessfully trying to connect my Linksys wrt54g wireless router to an ntc supplied ZHONE DSL modem. NTC staff is not helpful/knowledgable.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.



hope these can help you out....

Thanks Asad.

Actually I figured it out. Following needs to be done.

The WRT54 would normally be connected to the DSL modem through its Internet port. I connected the WRT54 using one of the four ethernet ports instead of the Internet port.

The DHCP server on the WRT54 must be switched off.

The WRT54 must be assigned an address of 192.1.168.X where X is between 2 and 254.

The default gateway in the properties of TCP/IP of the wireless adapter on the computer which will use wifi must be

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