How to connect internet on pc with mobiles


i want to know that how can i connect internet on my pc with telenor or warid plzzzzzzz tell me in detail

Why would you want that? My personal experience with using GPRS/EDGE on Blackberry's has been pretty crappy. I wouldn't want to use it as my primary internet connection...

i m currently using dial up is it better than mobile internet

I have used both dialup and Unlimited GPRS, and i guess GPRS is better in a sense that although it is slower then dialup but it gives you constant speed and there are hardly any disconnections, as for how to use it on the PC you need a mobile set with its cable that connects to the USB port of the PC or a mobile set with bluetooth connectivity and a small USB Bluetooth device which can connect your mobile to the PC.

which of the above options do u have ?? cable or bluetooth ??

I am user of mobilink unlimited gprs through nokia 6021 or 7610 through data cable and bluetooth using nokia software running on PC. GPRS is not good speed but may be EDGE.

dear if you want to use with blue tooth install blue tooth software / driver. then in control panel add modem and in modem properties add extra initialization command. creat new connection and start. better to ask your service provider to mail the instructions.


The web browsing will be slow whereas the download will high ( I am talking abt EDGE )

If u using nokia set that it is very easy if u install pc suite but latest version and use access point "" no user id and no password and dial number is *99# .

could u plz tell me how to connect internet on pc using djuice or zong, i have se k750i and have data cable too.

you don't need a data cable if your notebook has bluetooth. You can use ur k750i as a bluetooth modem and connect to the net totally wirelessly. You will however need to do some research as to establishing a connection to ur phone via bluetooth, and getting edge/gprs settings from ur mobile provider...

Nokia PC suite is best to connect nokia set for gprs to use on pc. For sonyerricson, you may need to approch customer service center for quick setup.