How to configure Tplink adsl router to connect to ppoe wan with PTCL Broadband

Hello Wired Pakistan,

I have purchsed a tplink wd 8970 adsl router and can not connect to the ppoe wan in the router settings. I am using PTCL broadband and have managed to aquire the ppoe username and password but feel their is something i am doing wrong regarding the router configuration. I would appreciate any advice on how to connect to the internet with my new modem / router. That is of course, considering if i was not misinformed and it is infact possible to use your own router other than the one provided by ptcl.

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You could have found the answer by searching the forums but in short you need to configure as follows:

Telephone Line from Outside/DP->Splitter->DSL/Modem->TP-Link's ADSL Port (i.e., remove any old modem/router from PTCL)


- PPPoE with LLC Encapsulation

- VPI/VCI 0/103 for Copper

- VPI/VCI 8/81 for Fiber

- Correct username and password for DSL

You may also ask for settings from helpline or use same settings as used by PTCL in their configuration videos! Use the Manual for the TP-Link!



Apologies for the late response, and Thank you, i did a search not long after posting, and found a similar explanation as the one you have provided, I am new to posting on forums so the thought never crossed my mind, will remember to do so next time, thank you for your help, really appreciate it :)