How to check internet conection speed?

IS there someone who tell me that how we can check our internet connection speed,uploading speed and downloading speed?

just goto

there isnt any ptcl server .. :(

Select any pakistani server

and Yes There is PTCL server in ISLAMABAD

Thanks everyone for your responses.Am gonna check it.

Dear Sana l just see Ur query, In pakistan Internet Speed is a really issue i check a lot of sites but is really simple to check Up & Down loading Speed just go to main page of site click on main monogram like of Car speedometer u ll get the whole description/

thanks gonna check it.

thanks is really an excellent web url to check your internet connection speed.its really appealing to view youre internet downloading and uploading speed on digital speedometer.i recommend everyone to must visit to check their internet connection.

it's just an ad post. Admin should just del it.

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