How to check data usage of my Evo Wingle?

I bought Evo Wingle USB couple of days ago, its working great. I just want to check how much data I have consumed from the given 30GB limit.

How to check it?

First of all it data is reduced to 20GB (package are revised)- and for inquiry make an account in and check your detail. Another way is if you sufficient balance in your mobile phone of any network then dial 1218, press 1 for language, 2 for complaints, 3 for evo and then 1 (forgotton). Ivr will assist you according and 0 to talk to operator. After that tell them your MDN no (written on evo package) and ask them to check your data usage. Uff....

Yes, but mine is "Eid Offer" package that's why it has 30GB limit and 1250 per month.

I am not going to follow this looooong procedure only to check the data usage... just forget about it :D

It is way simple with Wateen, just visit selfcare page and it shows all information there, your account balance, data usage... everything.

One thing!!! When I reaches the allowed limit, will my internet stop working or I will be charged next month?

when allowed limit reached, it will be charged on basic rate if you have toped up. if your balance expired then your internet will stop working.

@jani jigger if your Evo Wingle USB is working great, then what is the masla?