How to change router/Modem

Assalam o Alaikum,


I am using Shiro Modem i want to change it,Can anybody tell me how can i change it?Because i don't think that PTCL will replace it for me.


So you mean to purchase a new modem? Go to market and buy one, probably Linksys if you have got dough to spare and install in. You will need your username/password, VCI/VPI value which is (VPI=0, VCI=103) for copper based lines and (VPI=8, VCI=81) for fibre-optic lines. Set Encapsulation tp PPPoE and you can access the internet, other settings are not neccessary for correct working but should be done anyway. Check the modem manual you purchase for more guidance.

But i already have Bt modem..I will try your settings later.Can you explain more settingsplz.


Sohaib is correct.

For more info, you could follow the instructions for ZTE ZXDSL 831CII, as most basic modem settings are the same.

Right click and click save as:

If you want settings for other modems, like:



ZTE_831 Series



Then, go to this page:

Scroll to the bottom, and you will find the guides for these modems.


i tried two modems BT and Seimens but noone works fine,Only Shiro (default Modem) works and connect.Is there any problem with my router or line??


No, it probably the settings. Post a screenshot of your modem settings page so we might guide you further. I have'nt used or ever seen any of those modems you mentioned before so i can't help unless you show how the modem settings page looks like.

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