How to change ptcl dsl router into hub?

i have internet connection ..i also have two ptcl dsl..both are wifi house is very large. i want to use second modem as HUB...Dose it is possible ?..if it is....then how can i convert my PTCL DSL MODEM into hub?

reply me plz

You need to change the second modem/router's IP address to or anything else so there is no conflict with the first one (which would be Then if you want to remain on the same network/so you can share files etc., you should disable DHCP from the second one and give as default gateway in the settings. After that, simply plug both with a LAN cable and you should be good to go.


If you have the PTCL/Tenda W150D router then I have a post about the very same with many options here (too long to post here):