How to call a lineman?

In my area lineman is too rude and he never comes to resolve line issues and when he comes CERTAINLY does something wrong even after complaining at 1218 and PTA, they did not give any response is there any way to call him without bribing him?

Try this.

Keep complaining on 1218 and when you do, make sure you

opt for confirmation from them, when they have fixed your line.

Then when the automatic query calls you, make known to

them that your line is still bad. If that call never comes, dial

1218 again. If your complaint has been kicked-out of the system,

you will know. Make a fresh complaint. Keep a record of all of

these complaint numbers.

What usually happens is that your lineman will sit down at the

"almari" with a list of fresh complaints. He then triggers a

response from an inside guy at PTCL and receives that auto

call (on your behalf) and submits it, as a job well done. This

modus operandi was explained to me by an ex-PTCL guy who

says it's a common practice by which they are able to thwart

even automated complaint systems.

But not completely. The 1218 system keeps a record of a cust-

omer who keeps putting-in fresh complaints into the system.

Your number will be flagged and a CSR will call you, eventually.

Tell him the whole sad tale. Be angry, but don't go ballistic. Stick

to the facts, not emotions and feelings. Your lineman will be called

to the mat on this and just listen to him whining and pleading with

you --to not complain anymore and that he will fix it.

Hope this works for you. If not, call the SDO, only as a last resort.




Sheikh 'Man With A Plan' Chilli

Thanks sheikh_chilli

fahad what is ur area. Since last 2 months they r not fixing my line becoz of lineman and exchange persons r ullo ki dum and i hve done as best as i can.

i hve reported thousands of time to 1218 they forward but nothing happens since only exchange can fix the line n 1218 only forward complains.


PTCL CENTRAL EXCHANGE and all staff there FROM General Manager , SDO TO LINEMAN all are suck.

and PTCL says we have largest DATA CENTER AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES with old ppl

BTW: how do u report PTA .... i guess i must shoot them an e-mail before termination.

Woa unbelievable! he came today. You can easily report to PTA by following link: do mention ur complaint no. which ptcl gave U.

PTA is best i had the same situation but after complaining to PTA everything works fine!!!!!!!!!!!