How to burn VCD?

Salam ,

I need that how to make a VCD which can be played by standalone dvd/vcd player. I have to burn it to CD-R. Now what i know is that we need MPEG-1 format to burn VCD but when i convert .avi or .mkv to MPEG-1 or 2 its comes out in GBs. So tell me how to burn a VCD. Thanks!

Which burning software are you using?

Usually, if the software is having the functionality of burning VCD, it would have an option clearly saying some thing like "Burn/Make/Create a Video CD". Just choose that option and follow the instructions. I use Nero 7.

Secondly the question about size you have mentioned is correct but don't worry about that, put the files in the File Selection area in the software. A good software would analyze every thing in the file and convert to proper VCD format. Conversion may take a few minutes depending on your hardware specs and the specifics of the codec core.

To save time, try to use the actual file burning as a VCD without first converting it to any other format, a good software should convert that file to a VCD format by self if the file is playable on your computer.

What you have to make sure is the Length (runtime) of the video doesn't exceed 80 minutes. and make sure that the Codec is available on your computer which would be used to play the file properly. Most of the good burning softwares do have the ability to work with the codecs installed on your system. I never faced any problem with any of the file type or format while burning as VCD or as DVD via Nero. I think I got problem once when tried to give a .FLV file (newer versions may have support for it too), then I just converted the file first to another format and continued.

The movie which i need to burn is 1:36hrs long and its 716MB file. Now when i do it with Nero it would automatically fits on one CD-R or i have to split it?

It won't fit on a CDR but you can make a single DVD on a DVD-R if you want it to have on single disk. But if you want to stick with a VCD then you surely would need two Disks (CD-R) for that. And Nero also have the tool Nero Vision to cut the video in pieces, so you can edit the video before burning it right through the wizard you are in. But you have to perform the same job twice.

Insert disk 1 and start "Create a Video CD" wizard you will see an option somewhere around to edit the video after loading the file, just start editing video and choose first 80 minutes, save and continue burning. I would recommend to choose 70 or 75 minutes at most to avoid jerking in the video. Today's CD's quality is not that good.

perform the same above step with disk 2 and choose next part of the video this time.

BTW, if you won't edit the video and continue on to burn on a single disk, Nero probably would warn you about the fact of exceeding the disk space but perhaps it would continue burning if you confirm to go on... Just try it and see what happens.

And whats about the conversion? I mean if i use MKV as a source file then it will do conversion itself or i have to or i have to use .avi files. Just confirm this and i am good to go. :)

^ I doubt that... In earlier versions of Nero, MKV might not have been supported. You might need to convert some formats if Nero didn't accept. But the support may have been added in later versions.

You just try to add a file in Nero Vision wizard, if it accepted the file it would go on with it otherwise it won't accept the file and that would be the case when you need to convert it yourself.

TIP: If you have any doubts of sparing CD-R. You can save the project as an image first and test it with a virtual drive e.g. daemon tools, see if it works like VCD on any supported player. If it seems fine to you then just load image into Nero and burn it on a disk. It won't need more time to convert or splitting or preparing video as the image is in the finalized state of a VCD.

I always do this way to burn VCDs or DVDs. It also helps saving time if failed on low quality CD-R. Because if you directly burn the project on a disk and if the process fails due to any reason, you would need to give whole time for conversion/preparation/splitting of video again next time.

So Prepare Video and save it as an Image first (Nero gives an option at the end of the wizard to save the image on hdd or to burn directly to disk). Choose "save image".

Then burn that image on to disk later...

I tried but couldn't couldn't select first 70mins. How to do it in timeline?

^ Working in timeline is a big stuff, and only trimming a video doesn't need to mess with the timeline.

Don't you see a slider below the video box with two Markers (Start (>) and (<) as End). it would be some thing like [ ->--------------------<- ]. You can move both of the markers along the slider and adjust the position of the playback as you want.

Another way of specifying positions.....

There would also be a timer box below the slider, which will show the current Starting Position if you click the "Start" (>) Marker, or it will show the current Ending Position if you click the "End" (<) marker. You can manually change time with cursor/arrow keys.

It was simple. I just forward the movie with that sliders and then click cutter tool where i wanted to make that movie cut. Successfully i made VCD and yes it transcoded my MKV movie to VCD compatible format itself.

^ That's cool.

Also can you please post following information just for a Note..

> Version of Nero. I guess you used it...

> How long did it take to burn? specifically the transcoding part..

> Processor and RAM...

- I used Nero Multimedia Suite 10 and used Nero Vision application from this suite for whole process.

- It took total 45 minutes for transcoding 630MB and other 10 minutes for burning.

- Pentium 4 3.2GHz l 2GB RAM