How to bring IT projects to Pakistan?

Today Pakistan is facing a tough financial crunch due to the blunders of our leaders past and present. Without blaming anyone, we should focus on what can we do to help our nation.

I think IT is one such sector which can bring alot of foregin exchange to improve the living standard/buying power of Pakistanis. It does not need that much of investment either to start the business.

Please suggest the ways to bring IT projects from other markets (USA, EU, Japan, UAE etc.) to Pakistan.

You've to get rid of the fanatics first. Them blowing up themselves out in the streets, blowing up electricity, cell phone towers, blowing up fiber optic links won't do any good for the IT projects.

For them, IT is haram but not when they use it for propaganda...

^ Joker +1

I agree with you 100%.

i think we can start from getting more call center projects