How to block Youtube, facebook etc. on Android to safe my Kids

hi all,

I want to block youtube, facebook and all other video sites on my daughter’s tablet & smart phone ( tablet not have SIM option ) to safe her from any kind of negativity like p*rnography etc. or any other way she or her friends can’t trace or re-install these apps. or stop/uninstall my app to block these sites… please help you people can understand my situation.

I knew that she can use her friend’s tablet/smart phone but at least I want solution for her tablet & smart phone. ( not rooted )

or any other suggestion which can work ( just want to block her devices but not others at home )


Install an app called kidsworld.

Hi guys! I have joined this forum today. Can anyone guide me.

thank you Salman for reply, i will check the app advised and give feedback if it worth installing for the purpose.

Nowadays the social media platforms are more harmful than the other irrelevant sites. You can download a couple of apps on their mobiles as well as on their personal computers so that you can track and trace what they are trying to see.
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yeah, but they are smart too… i mean they can disable/uninstall themselves or with help of their so called friends, once i installed applock in tablet, and it was bypassed with help of a friend only 11 year old ? these girls are too smart now-a-days and this is very bad situation for all of us … Parents.

I think networking technician (or maybe your internet provider) may help you.

i have heard that the antivirus bitdefender also has this option. we’re currently thinking to get the family pack, specifically for this option (and for my wife who wants to buy steroids). is anyone who can confirm this and tell from their experience how helpful it is? i’m seriously afraid that these things can affect my kids’ health. thanks

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