How to attach led strips to my TDA7297 amplifier

I want to attach led strips to my TDA7297 amplifier(Output 15W + 15W). So, it can react to music. Should i attach led strip directly to amplifier output it produces 2000mA current.
I dont want to attach mic. Because mic will react to every noise. I live in rush you can understand every freaking noise. Plz help.

You might like to install something like this ?

In that case, you will attach it to the input side of the amplifier.

Yeah but i want to make my own like music reactive led strips. It will be cheap.
Like this

He is using a mic i dont want to use mic

The LED Strips shown in the video needs about 9-14VDC to work. So you need to make some arrangement so that at lower sound level, the LED strips receive about 9-10VDC and at higher music level, it receives about 14-15VDC.

This can be done with a power transistor and you will need external power supply of about 16V / 2A. In the video, the microphone is catching the voice and converting to electrical signal which is used to drive the transistor. In your case, you will need to use the audio signal (at lower level) and amplifiy it a little bit and then use it to drive the transistor. Be sure not to load your music source otherwise quality of the music will greatly suffer.