How to apply for PTCL broadband?

There used to be an online form for applying for a broadband connection. Cant seem to find it anymore? I could only find the student registration form. Cant find the normal one for 4mbps connection?

Help !

Dial 0800-80-800 for new connection or broadband

It's there when you click "GET CONNECTED" but doesn't seem to load on Firefox, try on Internet Explorer, linking directly to the order form:

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Dial 0800-80-800 for new connection or broadband

This is the best and speedy way to get connection, this way you get your connection installed within 3 days - Guaranteed! (If your line supports it)

applying for broadband is not easy as you think and don't get yourself in it

apply calling on 0800-8-0800..gud and fast way..and all their forms work only in IE not in FF.

Call 1236 From any PTCL Landline number.