How to advertise on cable tv?

How can we advertise our product on cable tv?

Who should we contact and what is the cost of advertising on cable tv??

Obviously you have to contact your sector cable operator.He will put your ads on STAR PLUS :P

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Obviously you have to contact your sector cable operator.He will put your ads on STAR PLUS :P

hehehe yes especially if your product is targeting the ladies …lolz

The issue is that local cable operators hav no idea who to contact. Some one told us to contact Worldcall. but all their telephone numbers are fake.

and secondly, we have to advertise the website :)

Ladies are not bieng targeted ;)

Fella do one thing.. Advertise it on GEO NEWS.... or their charges are too much? You want nation wide advertisement.You don't want to advertise it among ISD people only.

Koder: We want to advertise it locally first to experiment.

Nation Wide advertisement will cost us fortune. At the moment we can start advertisement city by city depending on the response.

Thats y we opted for cable tv advertisement.

All the best with the website and advertisement. My cable wala in I-10 displays some phone numbers during advertisement on which to contact and book ads. May be you should look for these numbers during ads.

if u contact directly to the owner of the cable or authorise marketing person than this more better.if u put ur ad through indirectly then there r many persons like commision walas and they some r not commited like timming of ad and channals etc.i am running my company ads in punjab so thats why i have a experiance.better is u contact directly.i try if i have a number of cable adv in isb.

Thank you all for your suggestions. We appretiate it.

Does any one have mobile numbers for the providers who provide this service in Islamabad.

Problem is that they are not displaying there contact numbers on cable tv these days in Islamabad.

get in touch with this guy sheikh rashid 0321 8503299 he will solve ur add problem