How to Add RAM in Windows Vista Using a USB Flash Drive, SD Card or CF

it is a very cheap solution to upgrade you pc, cus flash drives are very affordable right now, one can get a 4 gb for only 1000 rs and 8 gb for around 1800.

ennay, the 'economoy' class USBs available here from Kingston aren't fast enough to support the minimum speed required by Vista.

You'll proabably have to pay almost double (i'm not sure of the price difference) for USB flash drives capable of such speeds, from Kingston etc.

please explain what is the required speed for vista and what is the speed of these economy class USB available here. I found this topic while googling, and found it interesting so i shared this with you guys. but a discussion on it would be very constructive for all of us.

Are those high speed USB flash drives even available here?? Never seen one

ennay man thanks ! i hv got 2 gb kingston flash drive and its working for me like a charm .

Its a very easy and affordable way to boost your computer s speed...

I bought a highspeed 4gb corsair USB flashdisk last year and used it for a quick boost on my laptop. I mis-placed it and lost it though :/

a usb flash drive cannot replace the position of RAM, however it will definitely increase your speed and with a few search i came to know that any flash drive available in market now a days can be used for readyboost,