How the FK shud i check my internet usage?

these arse holes have put the limit but there is no way for users to check their interest usage. mother fecken crappy morons, they shud first provide users with an accurate system to check their internet usage and later implement the caps. i know there are coupla bandwidth monitors but i still want to check the usage from ptcl's end? how should i do that?! or will i be informed abt it in my dream at night once i consume 75% of bandwidth?

Dear just call 1218 and ask the operator about your bandwidth they have accurate information about it

2 days ago i called them and ask mine so you can also do that

^ For the time being, that's the way. If it's a single PC, then you can always use a data usage tracking software like DuMeter.

It appears PTCL is working on to bring back online. Currently it has no usage logs but I guess they're in the pipeline.

1218 is the only option.

inshallah a new service is coming

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inshallah a new service is coming


we dont want a new service, we want old services cheaper!!! in these times of diminishing purchasing power, ptcl can shove new services up their asrses.