How secure/private is fund transfer via online banking?

I plan to buy services from a Pakistani host and plan to pay the money via online bank transfer. I want to know how secure online bank transfers are and how much of my information can the other person see if i initiate a transfer?

I am concerned because the host's website does not state anything at all about the privacy policy. I did talk to the owner, and he said we don't reveal out personal information but then since nothing is mentioned on the website - so it is a cause of concern (and anyways what privacy laws are there in Pakistan?).

I am interested in the Pakistani host (and not the ones abroad with a mention of TOS/AUP/privacy policies), because I am just going to pay less than 500RS and I wont be using the service after 1 month so no need to buy an expensive host abroad.

One other option is to pay in the bank directly, I guess that way my account information won't be transferred to the other person? (the deposit slips only have depositors signature)

Do tell your views and I hope I am not getting to paranoid for privacy.

I used to send payment to my mom's cousin in gujranwala through UBL, They used to charge me 150RS I think. Also you need to enter that who is sending money. Most probably they will ask a CNIC copy but this didnt happen when I visited MCB.

Also your transaction ID will show to the person who is having account. If you want you can just tell the hosting company that my XYZ (fake name) needs a hosting and I need to pay you and when you go to bank just enter that name ( fake name) and leave a fake phone number too.

About the transaction in most cases the guy will tell you at the moment that transaction has been done and its credited to sellers account and then you can just email the guy and tell him that you have sent the payment from XYZ.

They can't see your information. It's secure enough.

Your complete account number will appear to them when you do UBL-UBL transfer from NetBanking + Transaction ID , Account Title/Your Name will not appear.

Thanks all!

How critical is an account number? Better to keep it private?

From above, I guess the best way is to fill up a deposit slip and pay at the nearest online branch.

I guess I can just fill the other person's account details and deposit (and then of course my account number and/or name can be private if i like - i can fill any name - depositors name - in the deposit slip).

Don't think account number alone is going to be of use to anyone? Come to think of it, the most someone could possibly do is call up your branch and inquire about account balance, most of the staff will ask for confirmation like last credit/debit amount before telling the balance so don't think it would be an issue.

> Telling or informing some one about your Account Number, is only supposed to have money credited or deposited to your Account.

> The account number can be used to check the balance in it. Mostly when a payee receives a cheque from some one with a heavy or little amount, the payee of the cheque is supposed to verify the amount in the account of the payer by calling up the bank branch and telling them the account number.

> When you pay someone via cheques your Account number goes with it always :)

So need not to be so conscious about it. Big deals are often happen with direct transfers (without any cheque, deposit slip, etc..) then the payer needs to be informed about the payee's Account Number.

In your case the Hosting company informs you about the account number where to deposit.

Conclusion: Account Number (alone) is not critical.

When using internet banking, keep your other information related to the account safe. e.g. following.

- Your Account User Name. (the username you use to login on the bank's website to use internet banking)

- Your account verification detail. (The detail which usually the Bank's representative wants to verify from you before making any changes to your account.)

- Keep your registered email account even safer. (Your email account is where all the documents or credentials, about your Online Bank Account, arrive. So you are really supposed to keep your email account more than safe)

Also remind me about others if I've forgotten any.

Thanks KA. I guess this explains about the banking and the online transfer part.

Now - for the host itself.

I do have to fill a form of the hosting company which includes name, address, phone number, etc. This does not sound right morally, but to keep the bank and host info widely separated, I guess it's better to fake it out (or if they perform verifications - which shouldn't be the case - i can fill in information of a friend)? Maybe that's what EngeL suggested too.

The host does not have an open privacy policy, even if they had it won't matter since the owner being in Pakistan, does not have a professional looking website, maybe not that "established" (long time in the industry) or maybe it my general distrust on the local - PK - hosts. I otherwise don't have a problem with buying under my own name from "established" foreign hosts but I do read their TOS/AUP/Privacy Policies to be sure.