How much would my old laptop be worth now?

Hi guys,

I want to sell my old laptop.Its Acer 5315, intel Celeron 2.0, 1GB Ram, 80GB Hard drive... the usual.

So I want to post it to olx but dont know what would be the right price to demand. If the price is too high, the ad generates no interest (sometimes even hate sms) and dont want to set the price lower than its worth.

Its condition is good, battery still lasts roughly an hour.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Give it to charity, you will get more credit.

auction karwa lo. jo zada bid karay os ko sale kar do.

I agree with both of you Myelin and Instead of throwing it in Garbage give it to charity but if you don,t and want some money then use Auction technique may be you get some thing :P

Sell it for 9k-10k i saw many ads on OLX they were selling Dell Laptops with 512MB Ram at the price rate of 7,500K/8K.

You can get 8-10K if you got lucky

check OLX for similar spec you will get the idea.


give it to Saylani welfare or Eidhi XD