How much watt does fridge need to operate

i have got two large PEL crystal classic fridges,each of them is connected to two different 3000 watt stablizer with built-in delay timer and breaker,i actually want to use one of the stabilizer somewhere else, could i run both fridges on a single 3000 watt stabilizer?

It is not recommended to use both refrigeratorson such a low capacity stabilizer, if u turn on both refrigerators at the same time, they wont start in the first place, second possibility is that u turn on 1 than after 5 min the second 1. u would have the risk of burning the stablizer

yar look at the label at the back of your fridge.. you will find it....

Modern fridges consumer around ~400-600 Watts, the older generation used to consume much more.

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yar look at the label at the back of your fridge… you will find it…


different fridge has different consumption according thier size age etc.. And you can find on label most probably on back of fridge or booklet accompanied fridge.