How much voltages need to keep Modem connect during loadshading?


I want to keep my modem connect during loadshading.Is it possible with UPS system?

and one more things

Does PTCL change its IP if it remains connect for long time?


I think they have force change IP, because I used to keep my pc 24/7 but I was getting one Disconnect a day that was around 9am to 10:30am

Yes, you can run anything on UPS unless it's within its Watts Capacity.

i am running modem by ups it needs just 80 watts power

I have a router, modem, cordless phone, laptop charger all on one UPS and they run just fine. even 80 watts is a lot of power for a modem, it probably uses less.

Most modems don't take much of power unless of course you have a high-end multi purpose device which also serves as a modem. I have a TP link modem+wifi router and it keeps working even when my battery is almost fully drained so I doubt that it consumes 80 watts.

I am not sure about ptcl forcing the change in IP but my previous modem used to disconnect and reconnect whenever the modem shifted to UPS due to power outage. This one keeps connected during the shifting. So it will depend on the device itself too.