How much should an iPhone 3G S 16 gb sell for?


I bought an iphone 3g S 16 gb last december, and now am planning to sell. I was wondering how much should i sell it for? (I know this is a stupid question to ask, but i'd like to know how much would anyone pay for a used iPhone) so...

It comes with everything except the ear phones (because i used them a lot and are almost useless now, lol)

iPhone is in a fine quality, had the screen protector on since ever so the screen is fine and the back side is not that bad. (no scratches, but its smudged and all)

I'll get the pics later, because right now i want to get the idea about the price.

Thank You.

You will get some where between 30 to 35K.

Why not put on sale here and get the prices quoted ? :D

iPhone 3G 30K

iPhone 3GS 35

depends on condition