How much load a 3/29 copper wire can hold?

3/29 wire is mainly used in my house for wiring.

I just purchased a Deep freezer 8 CUFT and bit concerned with installing it because the connection where I need to attach it also has following load
1 single battery homeage UPS
3 ceiling fans
1 room cooler
1 fridge
1 Water pump
5 lights (25 to 40 watt)

So I wanted to know if this 3/29 wire can hold all this load without problem


Typical 3/0.029 wiring is normally protected by a 5 or 6 amp circuit breaker. The 6 amp circuit breaker capacity is 6x220 = 1,320 watts. Keeping 10% margin, it should be safe to carry 1,200 watts maximum continuous current. So add up the wattage of everything that is to run at the same time and limit it to 1,200 watts.

The above limit is to protect the circuit breaker from damage due to over-current. If you are only looking for the maximum current carrying capacity of the cable, then 3/0.029 cross sectional area is about 1.28 square mm, so load upto 10 amp is possible if ambient temperature is below 45 degree C and if cable is made of pure copper by a reputable manufacturer.