How much does a LPG Cylinder for home use, cost?

I wanted to know the hardware prices of both the smaller and bigger LPG cylinder, that people use for stove/kitchen.SNGL Gas pressure has been very low recently (in rush hour times) since winter start and it's a pain to prepare food in time at low pressure. Further more, I've noticed the gas pressure suddenly goes down in the blink of a second (probably someone in the neighbourhood using some form of gas sucking device), making life harder for the rest of the houses.

This part of the city has far lower gas pressures so i guess LPG cylinder is the only way to go for those times.

Thank you.

A yellow empty cylinder with capacity of carrying 15kg gas cost me Rs.2000 few days back.

And the gas price of LPG is Rs.120 per KG nowadays. Fe days back it was Rs.130.

It will not go less than Rs.100 per KG in near future.

Compared to SNGL gas the rates of LPG are very high and no government will ever think to give some subsidy on this gas which people only use for cooking food.

Now kindly compare both prices and you will see how lucky people you are who have this cheapest product on earth. Use heater, stove, geaser etc.

Atleast you get problem in only peak season when supply is less than demand.

And in our LPG case we have to use it carefully and having an alternate cylnder filled 24 hrs.

Hey thanks for replying.

So you probably use all your cooking with the LPG cylinder then. How long does a full cylidner last you if you cook wiht it 3 times a day? I'm sure its much more expensive. We've used LPG cylidner (smaller ones) in other areas of the country where there's no gas pipelines yet.

12-15 days.