How much an bench(lab) power supply costs

how much an bench(lab) power supply costs?

i would need something that could give me voltage from 0-15volts and current of a upto 2 or 3 amps,, and obviously current and voltage should both be adjustable continuously,, not some regular volts at fixed current,, i live in Islamabad and want it for hobby purpose , can i find it in used in decent quality?

You mean a variable DC power supply with Constant Voltage / Constant Current mode ?

Inquire from Kariko. They are located on Mall Road, Lahore.


Address : Ali Chambers,65,The Mall

Phone(s) : 7230104 , 7230103

City : Lahore - Pakistan

I would hazard a guess that a basic bench DC PSU will cost you between 7-15K.

Rs 2500-3500. It is available at Hall Road Lahore.

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You mean a variable DC power supply with Constant Voltage / Constant Current mode ?


yes man u r right

i want something like this


and i m in Islamabad, so i will be buying it from pindi/isb , and which brand is good, anything which with u have good experience?

This type CC/CV power supply is my most favourite and I am using few of these from GoodWill instruments with Analogue meters. I am not sure if such power supplies are available locally and at what cost?

Some time ago, I made such power supplies for some client, i will check if i still have any unit.

DAV college road is the place to check and also Hathi Chowk in Rawalpindi Saddar, especially FM Malik shop. I don't think it will be less than 10K.

hmm thanks i will chk if i can find some in used ,, or of low specs, thanks,,

Have a look at this advertisement, you may contact the seller and ask if he has the required item.

BTW: What's your budget ?

I made a 0-22 VDC/3 Amp adjustable power supply using a local kit, transformer, custom made steel enclosure + other components for total cost of Rs 1,500. Imported 3A/0-30V power supply with CV/CC and digital meters cost around Rs 6,000.

I spent around 6k for mine, it is a 0-30v 0-5A CC/CV chinese "MEILI" works like a charm , until the magic smokes comes out.