How many Watts of speakers can a laptop sound card play?

Actually i have two 85 Watts speakers each someone gave me few months ago. I wanto know if i can connect them through 3.5mm jack to my laptop, which has a Conexant SmartAudio soundcard, built in motherboard. I asked my electrician and he said you need an amplifier for them to run properly and produce good sound, but when i told him i wanted to connect them to my laptop he said you have to check if it can handle 85x2 watts of speakers. Also do i need an amplifier or a good audio software will be able to produce best sound with these speakers.

there is no way that your motherboard soundcard can achieve the whole 85 watts! ABSOLUTELY NO WAY :P

but sure, they will play from your onboard sound, albeit rather quietly...

which speakers are they? and whats their ohm rating?

you'll definitely need a amplifier

AFAIK external speakers are independently powered via mains power so they should work fine.