How Many Of you Facing DC issue?

HEy! my internet is getting worse these days... internet light turn off and dsl light start blinking.. and then net recconnect this happen 7-8 times in an hour.. I live in Karachi. but some of my freinds who live in Sukker facing same problem.. anyone from you having this trouble ? even it happen 2 times while i was writting the topic :s

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yes i m in sukkur and also facing the same issue.. now the disconnection is too much.. and i dont think that its our phone lines fault after seeing uzairsattar's post as he is in karachi and i m in sukkur... so must be ptcl ...

same is happening lahore, Garden Town and Johar Town both exchanges......

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@ Bilal1 and starznitez1 Next time use Transliterate tools

i dont think every users fone line got bad now... we can say 1 or 2 users line... but 100s of users saying that they facing this issue

same problem,lahore model town...<Garden town exchange.

same problem,mine line is ONU and these lines are running on battries from exchnage so due to electricity black out battries go off and my line is go to dead also ,so no dail tone in telephone line and no broadband,but some time my telephone line goes to keep live but broadband goes to dead.its happening about 10 time a day or some time more than that.

i m fade up with this problem now... pTcl suxxxx

its in peshawar from last some weeks

i have now stop complaining too these dumb guys as they arent working on this issue... from last 2 days i did not compain.. bcoz nothing gonna happend as i already have 4 complains pending for this issue... so its just waste of time to talk with these nonsense supporting staff of ptcl...

Same Problem here in hyderabad !!... SNR gone too badd.. !

since when u r facing this issue ?