How make animated GIF from a MKV file?

I have tried to search on the internet and I have found some ways as well which work but that requires installing 2 or more apps and I am still having problems/getting error which has nothing to with the conversion process.

So if any one knows a programme which lets me input the MKV file and creates a animated GIF file with custom size option, please do share.

E.M. Total Video Converter can do that...


its 350$ if someone wants to buy it :o

Must good than, let me try good old torrents :)

EDIT: is there a difference between TVC and E.M. TVC cause I already have TCV.

EDIT: Never mind, they are different

EDIT: But interface is same... :|

^ Shouldn't matter, as long as it can do what you want it to do...


Yes it does but for some reason changes the colors of gif as compared to source.

u can just use this tool

Thanks for sharing this information guys, its extremely helpful!