How long does it take to get upgraded from 1mb to 2mb?

Ok, i have been using PTCL DSL since 2007 2mb (i mean 2000Rs package which was 512kb--->1mb--->2mb) on copper line but i used to have many sync issues so i got a new fibre line and ordered 2mb dsl on it. I got my DSL installed this previous Friday and as usual i was provided with 1mb package instead of 2mb, numerous complaints at 1218, contacts in exchange has'nt yielded any positive result yet. Funny thing is, i have got more then 5 calls from computer that your problem has been solved and i always pressed 2 since i am still getting 1mb speed. I remember when i first got ptcl dsl, i also got installed lower package, i mean 256kbps back then but i was upgraded to 512kbps the very nextday.

So here is the question? Why does'nt they install the correct package rightaway? if no, then how long can you expect to get upgraded? I called in my exchange today and they ensured me i will get upgraded in 2 hours, as they did on Saturday & on Monday but i am still waiting, in the meantime i am getting numerous calls that your problem have been solved. Damn this is annoying.

just a heads up.. you are restarting your modem every couple of hours.. right?

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just a heads up… you are restarting your modem every couple of hours… right?

Yes i do, i know that if i get upgraded, i will need my modem to resync to DSLAM to get the upgraded speed.

8:00 P.M. today and i am still not upgraded. Firecruz can you please tell me who is incharge of doing the upgradation so i can talk with him directly?

I called the dsl guy in my exchange today (the guy who installed dsl at my home) and he said he have already sent the ports for upgradation and have emailed and it will be installed shortly. I have no freaking idea where he sent the ports or to whom he emailed. What a lazy staff PTCL have got. 5 days and still no freaking upgradtion of new connection after about 10 complaints.

You have to wait atleast 30 minutes to register one complain without using automatic method and thats 30 x 10 = 300 minutes wasted for nothing.

PTCL is still operating in the same mode aka Sarkari Khata as it was back in the days before it was privatised. It has only been privatised in name but still operates like a typical government department trust me on that!

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PTCL is still operating in the same mode aka Sarkari Khata as it was back in the days before it was privatised. It has only been privatised in name but still operates like a typical government department trust me on that!

I agree on this, the reason is that their staff or most of their staff is the same previous one, and those habbits does’nt go away easily.

Most of the times, they don't even take the hassle to downgrade their users - that is people who downgrade from 4mbps, enjoy 4mbps with 1mbps bill. Take your hint from this!

If you have waited for a long time (for me long time is at least 5-7 days) or have many complaints registered in PTCL system (which you can refer to, to make your case strong) - then, try PTA. BELIEVE ME, IT WORKS! (PTA will take 2-3-4 days in processing as well but in the end produce results).

I "guess" during port change - your modem will automatically resync. However, please to confirm this from firecruz or someone else. There is no advantage of getting so anxious to restart your modem every now and then - remember, it's PTCL! Not restarting might get you a little less agitated.

'Worst case' - you will be billed for 2mbps; but you get 1mbps speed. So, after 15 days of up gradation request - register as many complaints as you can (automatic as well as manual and remember the complaint numbers and dates - on the basis of these complaints they can ADJUST your bill for 1mbps speed) and do INVOLVE PTA if this gets delayed!


Hmm, 4mbps for 1mbps price, i might try running 4mbps for 1 month and then degrade to 1mbps and hope for the best :D

I got my DSL installed on Friday, today is Wednesday so its 6 days already. I visited my exchange today and met with the DSL guy. He said that he emailed the request for my upgradation yesterday at 5:00 P.M. to Islamabad and it normally takes 24 hours after that. So i am waiting till 5:00 P.M. today. If it does'nt get upgraded today then i am really mad and something nasty is bound to happen.

About the modem thing, i am currently running my 2mbps package on copper and i am not gonna cancel it until my new connection is up and running as expected. So i usually plug my copper telephone line out of the modem and plugin the new line couple of times a day to check if i am upgraded yet or not.

I guess i have to file a complain with PTA because after 100% assurance from my exchange today that i will get upgraded today, i am still sitting on 1mbps. When you call 1218, they only have following 2 words for you:

1. We are forwarding your complain.

2. It will get resolved tommorow.

If there was an award for a company with MOST pathetic customer service department, i will bet my lifetime fortune that PTCL would be the undisputed winner of that award.

Go ahead, log a complaint using PTA's website. Make sure you don't get emotional in the form and it sounds "professional" - reference to recent complaints, dates of upgrade, mentioning of CSR names (i love this one.. last time I received a personal apology call :D) etc will be very useful.

No need to file a complain as i have got upgraded today, took them a week though. Oh well, everything seems to be working fine for now, hope it lasts.

Mine was upgraded after 3 months , From 1mb to 4mb