How Increase appetite and weight


I am 26 young guy. I request you to give me useful suggestions and advice:

Due to low appetite i eat very small amount of food in a day. I never had breakfast, to me, having breakfast is a great punishment. I scare while going to bad thinking about breakfast. I thing this is the only problem in 17 karor Pakistanies.

Owing these problems, my weight is very low and i m extra thin and skinny. I ashame wherever i go.

Whenever i asked such questions to people they said eat enough bananas, shakes, meat and bread etc..... Oh man.... Problem is not eating, problem is appetite.... i cant dare to eat any thing.

Another part of question is that may i take food supplements to increase my weight such as "ensure", "sustagine" etc? have food supplements any side effects???

or any other medicine, or idea to increase appetite......

First of all you need a complete medical check up, and then see what you need! And please refrain from taking food supplements because nothing is replaceable with natural food with we eat.

I know one "Desi Totka" to increase appetite, eat a little amount of mango pickle nearly half an hour before eating dinner and lunch,this will increase your appetite.

NOTE: *DO NOT do this before breakfast*.

Better to visit a diatician first. Diaticians can tell you what to eat and what not to eat.

You should also visit medical specialist coz he may ask you to get some tests which could show your inner systems problem due to which you don't get enough appetite.

In my opinion you have some problem with your stomach due o which you get the feeling of no more appetite.

May be you are suffering from some sort of depression. You should try some soup, yogurt or even fruit juices.

Some people lose their appetite for breakfast because they stop eating breakfast. Having an appetite in the morning is something that you have to train your body to have, but trust me it's healthy to eat early. Try to eat a nice healthy breakfast in any case.

Some more suggestions:

1. Avoid going long periods of time without eating. Your stomach will


2. Gradually eat more food each day. Your stomach will expand over


3 Snack! Snacks may help if you are having trouble eating enough at

mealtimes, but keep in mind that some people may actually eat less

over the course of the day if they have smaller, more frequent meals.

See what works best for you.

4. Keep a food diary. Learn when and what you like to eat.

5. Exercise! It will help you build muscle and increase your appetite.

Your body may compensate or even overcompensate for the Calories that

you burn exercising.

6. Consume a variety of different foods at mealtime. Humans are

programmed to seek out different types of food in order to fulfill the

need for the variety of nutrients required for healthy living. It's

much easier to eat seven smaller courses than one giant plate of a

single type of food.

7. Keep your pantry, fridge, and freezer well stocked with good foods

that you like to eat. It's tough to gain weight when you don't have

food around you to eat.

8. Choose high-Calorie, high-nutrient foods that are less filling.

Select foods with a lower water content, such as dried fruit, bananas,

nuts and seeds, potatoes, peas, and corn.

9. Make mealtime pleasant. Set the table prettily and play soothing

music. Try to eat with someone you enjoy being with.

10. Try to eat a little more quickly. It takes a few minutes for your

stomach's signals of fullness to register. Make sure that you chew

your food thoroughly (otherwise, you may not absorb all the Calories

and nutrients), but try to put more food on your fork. Avoid putting

your fork down in between bites.

11. Use larger cups, plates, bowls, et cetera. You will probably be

able to eat more without really thinking about it.

12. Alternatively, try eating smaller portions if a large meal seems


13. Drink more Calories. Have a caloric beverage with every meal. Have

something to drink when you don't feel like eating anything. Some

beverages particularly high in Calories include cranberry juice (140+

Calories), whole milk (150 Calories), grape juice (160-170 Calories),

prune juice (170-180 Calories), and eggnog (~300 Calories).

I am Homeo Doctor, In homeopathy there are great remedies to increase appetite and weight. I need to know all about the person to be treated. CHAT live with me on my website site. Have free advise.

i need advice to reduce my weight, i will contact u soon.

Lolz people are never happy with what they have.. :D.. I am always looking to reduce my weight even though i am perfectly normal.. it's just a human nature. What i would say is that everyone has dere own physique , no matter what you do.

Something i hav noticed that most skinny people get healthy and normal when they get married.. so possibly this cud be an alternative solution.. :D

eat alot of MCdonalds

Try walking and exercising regularly after dinner and before breakfast it will surely increase your appetite.