How good is an Intel GMA X4500 Onboard Graphics

I would to like to know if u guyz can suggest me some games which are playable on this onboard graphics im quite familiar about this fact that builtin vga cards sux for gaming but still i want to throw some games like nfsmw on it coz GMA X4500 has some extra balls over previous GMA's which makes it comparable to Nvidia or ATI based onboard GPU's B)

you are right it simply suX! even though it is way better than its predecessors has 800mhz clock, shader model 4.0 but still not good enough.

You can play old games on it like which were released before 2007. And also some of the games from 2008-09 with lowest or medium settings

is there any performance benefit of using integrated graphics with two sticks of memory running in dual channel mode if compared with a single stick running in single channel mode ???