How do you clean your LCD screens?

My LCD has gathered dust and I'm hesitant to rub it off with a tissue. I've read it can damage the LCD screens.

Do you use a LCD cleaning solution or use some other technique to clean your LCDs?

I just use water :D with tissue paper.

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My LCD has gathered dust and I’m hesitant to rub it off with a tissue. I’ve read it can damage the LCD screens.

Do you use a LCD cleaning solution or use some other technique to clean your LCDs?


I usually use Wet Cloth, or if its too dirty, then i clean it with cleaner available in market.

I don’t think Tissue damages LCD surafce.

Soft cloth dampened in simple pure water. :) and don't worry, I have been seen some LCDs survive pretty harsh cleansing. :lol:

The cloth used to clean eye specs works best. Also works great on anything with a glossy finish.

This guy strongly advises against using tissues or water to clean the LCDs.

I've been rubbing the LCD screen with a dry tissue but the dust and smudges don't seem to go. Maybe a dampened cloth will do the trick as you guys suggest.

what about flalin ka kapra the kind of cloth that shopkeepers usually gives you when you buy glasses

I use damp cloth. But still am very very cautious. Looking for the appropriate method too.

I did a lot of research on this issue when I first bought my LCD screen and nearly all manufacturers recommend you should never use water, especially tap water or mineral water because the minerals in it erode the coating on the panel. In the short-term the mineral deposition can leave streaks on your screen.

Tissues are abrasive and can scratch the screen, not to mention if damp, they will leave lint on the surface.

The best is to use a lint free cloth dampened with a 70% alcohol cleaner but I use vinegar-free multi-surface cleaner sprayed on a cleaning wipe, never directly on to the screen. Flannel works best as long as its the quality that is lint-free (the one that comes with glasses is best usually).

Ideally use cleaning wipes, available from departmental stores. I got a jar of Sony LCD cleaning wipes from a shop in Blue-Area some time back for myself.

How to Clean your LCD Monitor:

Can I use any type of cleaning solution on my LCD screen?

No, using alcohol or ammonia - based cleaners repeatedly may cause permanent damage to the LCD. Over time using these types of cleaners could cause the surface of the screen to yellow. It can also make the screen brittle and eventually cause cracking on the screen surface.

NOTICE: The following cleaners are unacceptable:

* Acetone

* Ethyl alcohol

* Ethyl acid

* Ammonia

* Methyl chloride

What types of cleaners are acceptable?

• Water

• Vinegar (mixed with water)

• Isopropyl Alcohol

• Petroleum Benzene

What are some of the basic supplies needed to clean an LCD screen?

* A soft cotton cloth. When cleaning the LCD screen it is important to use a soft cotton cloth, rather than an old rag. Some materials, such as paper towels, could cause scratches and damage the LCD screen.

* Solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. This solution can be used along with the soft cotton cloth.

* Computer wipes. Only use these if they specifically state on the package they are designed for LCD laptop screens. Computer wipes can come in handy for fast clean-ups or when you want to avoid mixing up a cleaning solution yourself.

How do I clean the LCD surface properly?

* Do not spray any liquids on the LCD screen directly, and do not use paper towels, this can cause the LCD screen to become scratched.

* Always apply the solution to your cloth first, not directly to the parts you are cleaning. You want to avoid dripping the solution directly into your computer or laptop.

* Stroke the cloth across the display in one direction, moving from the top of the display to the bottom.


If you can get iKlear is great for cleaning screens and metallic fashions.

If not, follow Abbas' suggestion of using eye-glass-cleaner fluid to clean the screens along with the supplied cloth. Do NOT use tissue paper (it causes micro-scratches), and definitely do NOT use Windex (or any other commercial window cleaner) because it contains ammonia which will eat away at the screen.

p.s as, stated above, you can make your own LCD cleaner by getting some Isopryl Alcohol, diluting with water and sticking it in a spray bottle. You should be able to get IA from you local pharmacy. Be sure not to get it in your eyes though!

Good luck.

I'm pretty sure you are NOT supposed to use tap-water. When they say water, they mean distilled water.