How do I rename my user account?

I tried renaming the administrator account (the initial account, created during installation) by changing it from user settings in the control panel, but that only changed the name shown on the welcome screen and in the start menu. The folder in Users/ still had the same name, and for all practical purposes the name was unchanged. So I edited the registry but that didn't change the name either, it only created a new folder. And help?

install new fresh copy

What Operation system you are using right now ?

Create new username (with desired name) with Administrative privileges. Manually copy all your documents and all other files (desktop and shortcuts) to that new username. Then login with new username. When you are satisfied then delete old username (beware, it may also delete all "My Documents"/Desktop of old username).

if you are using windows 7 the just go to control panel and change the name of your admin account and it will be don

Hi Effeay,

To rename a user account using the Windows interface

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. In the console tree, click Users.

  3. Where?
    Or, click the folder that contains the user account.
    • Active Directory Users and Computers/domain node/Users
  • In the details pane, right-click the user account that you want to rename, and then click Rename.

  • Type the new full name for the user account, and then press ENTER. The Rename User dialog box appears.

  • The name that you type appears as the full name. You may edit the name, if necessary. When you are satisfied with the new full name, press the Tab key to go to the next box, or click the appropriate box.

  • In First name, type the user’s first name.

  • In Last name, type the user’s last name.

  • In Display name, type the name for the user to be displayed in Active Directory.

  • In User logon name, type the user's logon name, click the user principal name (UPN) suffix in the drop-down list, and then click Next.

  • In User logon name (pre-Windows 2000), type a name for the user that is unique for the Active Directory forest.

  • Click OK.

    Thanks | see if this helps