How do I contact youtube?

My gmail account was associated with youtube. A month ago I deleted my gmail but my youtube account is still there. I cant log into that youtube account since my gmail doesnt exist anymore. As per google there was a bug

"Your YouTube Account was tied to the Google Account. Since the Google Account was deleted, the Google Account and YouTube password became invalid. You were consequently unable sign into the YouTube Account. Due to the bug, the content in your YouTube Account still remained live for a while."

and they say the have fixed this

"We’ve fixed this bug, and now when you delete your Google Account, the entire Google Account and related services - including YouTube - will be deleted."

I have loads of my personal videos in that youtube account. How do I delete my account now ? :( I have been searching but there is no way to contact youtube. Their phone Phone: +1 650-253-0000 is useless.

Help GUYS!!!!

BTW, what made you to delete your account ?

Probablt you need to drop them an email or recreate the same username

There is no way to contact google or youtube...

submit your question here i now some body tell you write way

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There is no way to contact google or youtube…

When there’s a will, there’s a way. As far as youtube concerns, here’s a link where they have contact info

hope this helps :)

There has got to be a way to contact google, and if everything fails: Spam youtube with vids about this bug on a new account, that will get dere attention for sure.