How do I build a server?

How do I build a server so that others can get videos and stuff I put on that server? I don't want that LAN thing and neither want to upload on web based storage like "you tube"... but it should be kind of like I put my stuff on Network Attached Storage (or something else) and others can get it using internet or something??

Try HFS for windows

you gonna need a high end machine and very good internet speed.


You really don't need a high end machine but a machine that can multi-task. For example, a dual core / quad core with around 1 ~ 2 GB of memory..

Although this depends on the number of users you are expecting to log in at a same time.

You can simply use any FTP software to create an FTP And assign a static IP to it, like for example using and sorts..

OR, you can do what worldcall did, create a DC++ Hub.

i have an INTEL Core2Duo 1.8Ghz(E6300), 512Mb of RAM...will be upgrading it to 4GB or so.

Is that enough? And i don't want to keep my pc turned on all the time..i mean i'll be using NAS(Network Attached Storage). And i'm expecting 2-3 users at a time.

Will that work?

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And i don’t want to keep my pc turned on all the time…i mean i’ll be using NAS(Network Attached Storage)

then it is not a question of your system but the specs of the ‘NAS’

ok now the question do i build it..???? can any one give me detail about it ?? also suggest about a good NAS which meets my needs..please..

I remember seeing an ASUS Router that plugs a 3.5" HD and shares it's content as FTP..

You won't need to keep your PC Online..

Now I don't know whether you can configure that router over Inter but i am fairly confident that you can..

can anyone give me more details about it please???

and explain about FTP and other things a bit???