How did you become interested in computers

my story,

i become interested in computers because i wanted to play video games, this was back in 93. to play computer games at that time u must have a atari, commodore 64 or the like, but since these cost quite a lot of money at that time :) i began taking dos, dbase courses just cause i wanted access to the free computer labs at my coaching centre. These labs had 386 and 486 pcs :) which cost 30,000-40,000 rs at the time. Anyways after taking the courses and to my surprise passing the computer them as well i was hooked. My cousin and i spent the days of the summer assembling and disassembling and messing with software. and thats my story.

whats your story?

i saw the flesh, i became interested.


computer is in my body

and internet is my blood

since i was 7 years old

my cousin had a computer when i was 7 or 8 years old i touched computer for the 1st time when we visited them and i played prince of persia a little, the computer had two floppy drives, one for operating system and other use to run programs. then i got my 1st console atari. then after some years in mid 98 i got my 1st ever computer. PII 333 Mhz 64 Ram 2.1 GB harddisk. cost me around 40K. in 2002 after 4 years i sold it for 6K (without hard and 128 ram).

my father sometimes took me to work, everyone used macs then. this was about 1990-91, i was 4-5 years old. i found printing what i wrote or drew quite fun. i never got to own one until 2000. so not having a computer, i guess, kind of drew me more towards them.

I prepared a computer when i was in 7th class in 80s decade. Well it was just 5 questions on right side and their disordered answers on the other side connected with wire from back. Upon connecting the right question & answer, light turns on.

Later I learned computer is much beyond that. I saw a real computer in 89, in Science Museum of Engineering University Lahore. I was studying in Comprehensive School behind UET at that time. Well it was a green monitor reading a text in urdu.

In 95, I was attracted by massive advertisement of National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS) Zafar Ali Road Lahore and joined this institute for Computer Application Diploma. Those were XTs, dumb machines with monochrome monitors over Novell Netware. Right after that I started my job and it was 386sx, 2mb ram, color SVGA with Windows 3.11 and then I never stopped... (owned my own computer in 1998 or 1999. Pentium-I 200-mmx).

programin is what initailly intrested me i had a thing for command lines

then slowly i got hooked onto other stuff like networkin games etc etc

I was a bibliophile when i was a kid. I found a book on windows 3.1 from somewhere arnd 1995, then got an urdu book on BASIC around the same time. (That was an awesoMe book کمپیوٹر کی بیسک پروگرامنگ, talking abt Commodores and VIC 20's. And it was only after reading these books that i got t use a real PC with windows 3.1 (I had a commodore). And then it went on and on, i dont exactly remember how

I addicted to compuater because it help me lot in my office work and still helping me to do better work.

videogames attracted me towards computer.

i wanted to learn to code vidoegames....

i'm somewhere on that track... :)

in 4th or 5th class, one of my relatives got a Pentium I (it was around 96-98, not sure about correct date though) ...

he used to play Tarzan, got me interested, so i played Tarzan and loved the game and detail (loved the detail caz before that i'd only seen 8-bit games on my NES)

i was in 7th class when i learnt html...

so i was into web pages and internet.

in 9th class (i was a 'parhaaku' bachcha when one of my friends dragged me into the local arcade i saw a 3d game (running on the PSX, the game was Tekken3), for the first time. the detail of the game really blew my brains out, i was really astonished and i said, wtf? things like this exist?? ...anyway i got so much addicted to that game that it didn't leave me untill i was done with my 2nd year in college)

during this time i got my own pc(in 10th class i think), got many games Tombraider and stuff .... learnt basic stuff myself .. photoshop, adobe premier, etc ..

during that time, learnt C language (basics) in college.

then on uni level, i wanted to do BS in Computer Science but i was pushed to Software Engineering and later i loved this discipline caz SE was what i always wanted (i just didn't know much abt it before).

i wanted to get the best PC all da time.... during the last few years i'd been upgrading my pc bit by bit.

until a few months back i replaced the whole system with a new one..

so this was a short (very short) description of my interest and journey with da almighty computer.


In 9th Class you said .. wtf. iceeeeeeeee.... ;)

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In 9th Class you said … wtf. iceeeeeeeee… ;)


well, i guess u’re allowed to say that word often, in the arcade :P

I bought my first PC in 1989 from Islamabad, it was a PC/XT machine with 640k Ram and monochrome green monitor, two floppy drives and without mouse, used to replace disks to use software. My father send me to Islamabad (where my elder brother was doing job) to learn computer at that in my summer vacations. after that i bought a 286 machine, then 486SX, then Pentium one, Pentium Two, Pentium Three and now using P4.

Internet and video games, are the things that really attracted me to computer

we had a 386 in 1993 for my elder brother, and word perfect was the tool installed on it. i found that thing very interesting, as i already have the sense of video games so that machine became my dream machine, we used to play dave, pacman and paratroopers on it.

ahh............. you remind me those golden days.

well it was counter strike that drove me in computers!

my hakeem said explore computer porn and he gave me nuskha with instructions to do it once in the morning before breakfast and once at night before dinner.

p.s: if you were thinking something else man you got dirty mind...

was i supposed to laugh?

next time please mention!


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my hakeem said explore computer porn and he gave me nuskha with instructions to do it once in the morning before breakfast and once at night before dinner.

p.s: if you were thinking something else man you got dirty mind…


yaar u seriously got an issue… consult a therapist emidietly…